My Dad and Halsey’s Typhoon

In celebration and remembrance of Veterans Day 2016.  I will reblog this story of my Dads adventure with Typhoon Cobra in 1944!

Transition Town Payson

My Dad never wanted to see the movie “The Perfect Storm”.  He said he was in it!

As a kid I used to hear my Dad, Robert S. Ingram Sr., talk about the storm he was in during WWII. Of course, as a kid, I basically ignored it or thought it was “no big deal”.  I remember that he was on two Aircraft Carriers and I even remembered their names…the USS Rudyerd Bay and the USS Cowpens.  My father was a young Lieutenant who was trained to be a Meteorologist (called Aerologist in WWII) at MIT right after the war started.  Other than a keen interest in Climate and Weather that he learned from his father, he really didn’t have any history of forecasting the weather.  So with very little practical experience he was thrown into the winds of war as so many other young men of the time were.

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