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Welcome to Payson, AZ

Welcome to Payson, AZ

Sustainable Rim Country is no longer an organization, only a hope.

Sustainable Rim Country was to be a community based volunteer organization. We Wanted to encourage local citizens to learn about all types of gardening, environmental, and sustainability issues that will affect us in the future.    Unfortunately our community was not interested in an organization such as this.

While many positive things have occurred since 2012, like the community garden, farmers market and solar power for our schools and government buildings, the general population is still extremely conservative and more interested in arguing about whether to fund a splash pad or fix the community pool than fixing the environment and how we relate to each other.

Change takes time, unfortunately time when it comes to extreme climate change events is short. Now is the time to prepare for the future!


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  1. What a fabulous job you have done with your website!

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