Why Transition?

Simply because the present way that man is ‘harvesting’ Planet Earth is unsustainable.

Simply because the longer man puts off changing the way we take more from the Planet than this third rock from the Sun can sustain, the more difficult it will be to preserve this wonderfully, beautiful planet for future generations.

The essence of Transition is in its name. It describes the era of change we are all living in. The Transition idea is about us all being an active part of that change.

As a starting place, Transition focuses on oil. Transition acknowledges that our current dependence on oil leaves us very vulnerable. Transition explores and develops ways we can change from our energy-hungry ways of living that are utterly dependent on oil, to ways of living that are significantly less so.

In reality Transition is about a lot more than that. It is about people taking a greater interest in their present and future needs; being more aware of the world in which they live; thinking about the way they really want to live, and getting stuck in to make that happen, in whatever ways work for them.

The time is now!


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