TTP Structure

Transition Town Payson is a grassroots effort and community based volunteer organization. The key idea of  TTP is to create an “active and empowered community movement” throughout Rim Country, with as many people as possible working together “to create a local way of life that can withstand the shocks of rapidly shifting global systems”(Carolyn Stayton, Executive Director, Transition, US).

TTP extends its concepts to schools, organizations, churches, and neighborhoods, as well as to individuals of every political persuasion, religion, nationality or way of life. TTP builds upon the sustainable efforts that have already begun on a grass-roots level.

Participants share ideas, support, resources, experts, and funding, working in groups to accomplish what couldn’t be done by individuals, resulting in a stronger local community prepared for any event or crisis.

Projects have already begun to unfold that include: awareness presentations about TTP to organizations and groups in our community, coordination with the local Community Garden, Solar and Geothermal Tours, and a monthly educational film series to be presented at Gila Community College.

Transition Town Payson has identified various areas of focus and interest based upon feedback from the community. Some of these areas include:

        • Renewable Energy
        • Education
        • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
        • Food & Gardening
        • Water Conservation
        • Transportation
        • Homemaking Arts



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