Recommended Reading

Suggested Readings – Give us your suggestions so we can add to this list!

General Ecological, Sustainability

Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth 2012 – Edited by Tom Butler and George Wuerthner Published by the Foundation for Deep Ecology

Depletion and AbundanceLife on the New Home Front,  Sharon Astyk                      New Society Publishers

Beyond Oil –The View from Hubbert’s Peak,  Kenneth Deffeyes,   Hill and Wang Publisher

Big Coal – The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Energy Future,  Jeff Goodell,                        Houghton Mifflen Publishing         

The Party’s Over – Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies,  Richard Heinberg    New Societies Publishing                          

Eaarth – Making a Life on a Tough New Planet,  Bill McKibben,   Henry Holt and Co.

GWR – the Global Warming Reader                                     The Penguin Group

The End of Nature                                                                         Random House

American Earth – Environmental Writing  Since Thoreau,   Presented by Library of America                                                      

HOPE, Human and Wild – True Stories of Living Lightly on the Earth             Milkweek Editions                                   

 The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience – Rob Hopkins

The Transition Companion:        Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times   –  Rob Hopkins          

Handbook of Sustainability Literacy:  Edited by Aaron Stibbe, Chelsea Green Publishers

A Guide to Community Shared Solar — Utility,                U.S. Dept of Energy

              Private, and Nonprofit Project Development

The Solarize Guidebook: A Community Guide to              U.S. Dept of Energy

              Collective Purchasing of Residential PV System

Health, Food and Gardening

The Botany of Desire –Food Production                          Michael Pollan, 2001

(A Plants Eye View of the World)

Omnivores Dilemma – Food Production                           Michael Pollan, 2006

(A Natural History of Four Meals)

Prevention Magazine (American Healthy                                    Lifestyle Magazine)     Rodale Press (Since 1950)

YES Magazine: Qtrly Journal on Transition Topics Ph 800-937-4451    

Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back HomeSusan Clark and Woden Teachout     

For Schools, Students, Teachers, and Parents

How to Grow a School Garden – a Guide for Parents and Teachers                         Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle    Timber Press    

Getting Started – Guide for Creating School Gardens as Outdoor Classrooms   –    Life Lab Science Program        Center for Ecoliteracy                          

Kids Multicultural Cook Book                              Deanna F. Cook                                   Ideals Publication

Living Sunlight – How Plants Bring the Earth to Life   –   Molly Bang and                       The Blue Sky Press – Scholastic                        Penny Chisholm

The Giving Tree                                                            Shel Silverstein                                    Harper Collins Publishers

Flight Behavior    – Barbara Kingsolver

Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots                         Sharon Lovejoy                                   Workman Publishing

Earthwatch – Earth Cycles and Ecosystems    Beth Savan, Ph.D.      Addison-Wesley Publishing

Asphalt to EcosystemsDesign for  Schoolyard Transformation          Sharon Gamson Danks  -New Village Press            

The Greening Tree – The Greening Book – Being a friend  to Planet Earth                     Ellen Sabin                              Watering Can Press,  for Barnes&Noble

Ship Breakers: For Teens-Post Oil futuristic culture, by Pablo Bacigalupi, Little Brown Books


1 Response to Recommended Reading

  1. Honeycomb Kids: Big Picture Parenting for a Changing World and to Change the World!
    Anna Campbell

    Reviews from Transition initiatives:

    Here is what Peter Driscoll, Co-founder of Transition Sydney said about the book:

    “Transition initiatives attract people of all ages, concerned about the world our generations are creating for future generations to live in. We try to live more sustainably ourselves and work at building local community resilience. We recognise that this process of transition will possibly take several generations. Anna Campbell’s Honeycomb Kids brings a fresh and very important new perspective to the Transition narrative. Written with skill, humour and heart, this book gives simple, practical and wise guidance for raising children who will undoubtedly be influential in building sustainable, resilient communities wherever they live in the future. Read it yourself, be inspired, and give it as a gift to anyone you know with children – the planet will thank you!”

    And words from Dr Graeme Stuart, Transition Newcastle:

    We face a pressing challenge of creating resilient communities able to meet the challenges of peak oil, climate change and over consumption. “Honeycomb Kids” provides an easy-to-read, handy tool for shaping a sustainable, fulfilling future. While it provides practical ideas for how to nurture children who focus on what really matters, it also challenges parents and community members to reconsider how we live. Hopefully it will generate conversations and action at dinner tables, schools, playgroups, places of worship, parties and even boardrooms throughout the country.

    Honeycomb Kids is available online and in bookstores. Thank you.

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