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Extreme temperatures in the Northwest! A Good Example of Climate Instability!

On June 29th, Portland Oregon recorded 116 degrees! On June 30th, it hit 121 degrees in British Columbia! At the same time Oregon and British Columbia were broiling under the sun, extremely high temperatures were also being recorded on the … Continue reading

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Sustainable Rim Country Blog has become a “Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador”.

“Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador” Status for Sustainable Rim Country. Posted on May 5, 2017 by rsingram Sustainable Rim Country has joined the Weather Ready Nation club. We have written about the need to adapt, pay attention to changing climate, politic for action, … Continue reading

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Before the Flood

Leo DiCaprio has put out a 100 minute video of the state of the climate. In cooperation with the National Geographic Society this video hits on many of the problems associated with Climate Change.  While many of us know that … Continue reading

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The Climate Mobilization War

THIS IS NOT OUR FUTURE The Climate Mobilization Victory Plan: Foreword Paul Gilding September 16, 2016 Ed. note: The Climate Mobilization Victory Plan, written by Ezra Silk, is a policy document that tangibly demonstrates how the U.S. could … Continue reading

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Climate Disruption Part 2 – 11 Months with Record Warm for our Globe

It’s not my language and it’s not an anomaly.  This is the headline that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has put out on their website on April 19th 2016. Here is their article verbatim: At the risk of sounding … Continue reading

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Global Warming – A term started in the 1980s has been researched to death of the past few decades.  Global warming has been laughed at by skeptics whenever a colder than usual year has occured.  This does not mean that … Continue reading

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Balance – Unbalance 2015 (The Witness Tree comes to Payson)

The Balance – Unbalance 2015 Conference at the Arizona State University International School of Sustainability brought many scientists, environmentalists, earth lovers and artists together the last week of March in Tempe, Arizona to discuss the effects of climate change on … Continue reading

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Rivers in the sky!

Originally posted on Learning from Dogs:
California’s recent rain storm. The recent rain storm that has affected much of the Western seaboard of the USA; albeit primarily California.  The BBC News reported online that: Storm pounds northern California Streets were…

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My Dad and Halsey’s Typhoon

Originally posted on Transition Town Payson:
My Dad never wanted to see the movie “The Perfect Storm”.  He said he was in it! As a kid I used to hear my Dad, Robert S. Ingram Sr., talk about the storm…

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Sunrise or Sunset?

Originally posted on sustainabletravelling:
The only difference between sunrise and sunset is which way you’re looking. At least until you wait 5 minutes or so and find its either day or night. Not so deep, but if you just take…

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