Adaptation – Volume 8 – Solar Lighting!

How many of you out there turn lights on inside your house during the day?

I know I am guilty of such an offense, but unless you have large windows and plenty of sunlight during the day, there are many times you cannot see well enough without turning a light on!

But what if you lost power in your house during the day…How would you light up the inside?

It’s simple, use a solar light.  One bright fellow, Alberto Moser from Brazil, came up with a simple yet revolutionary concept of using a plastic 2 litre water bottle stuck in the roof of his home to provide the equivalent of a 50 watt bulb!

Light up your house for next to nothing!

Light up your house for next to nothing!

Of course this type of solar application is for lighting an interior area during the day.  But I suppose on a full moon night it would provide a little light as well.

Solar Water Bottles have a limited application for most standard homes and is similar in concept to the solar tube or skylight concept that so many of us in the United States use.

Solar Tubes are less conspicuous and cost less than Skylights!

The Solar Tube can be installed in a standard roof.

The Solar Tube can be installed in a standard roof.

Solar tubes are inconspicuous

Solar tubes are inconspicuous

Skylights are larger and bring in more sunlight!

Sky Lights can add a lot of light!

Sky Lights can add a lot of light!

Home Depot has a wide array of Skylights you can choose from.  I like the one that can open using a remote control. By opening your skylight, you can vent out hot air during the summer and freshen the air in your home anytime!

The problem is that the Solar Tube or Skylight can cost hundreds  to over a thousand dollars when finally installed, while a 2 litre plastic bottle a single level roof and some glue can provide you the same lumification (is that a word?) for basically nothing.

This months permaculture news blog gives a detailed description and directions on how you can install a 2 litre plastic bottle in your roof by yourself!

The best use for the plastic bottle concept is for flat roofed homes or outbuildings!

You can see how this would be a revolutionary concept in third world countries or in countries that did not have a stable electrical supply or in countries where demand exceeds supply!  Well basically in a lot of places!  The other item is the type of roof you have.  This would be an excellent way to provide light for storage sheds or outside buildings that had a flat single layered roof.

moserlampsConserve Energy, use the Sun.

You Can Thank Alfredo Moser for this EnLightening  Concept!


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