Adaptation -Volume 4 – Aluminum Cans for Heat?

Can you believe it? Aluminum cans as a heat Source!

I never thought something could be so simple as this.  An inexpensive way to generate heat from the sun that is based on the use of used aluminum cans.  This company takes used aluminum drink cans, paint them black and put them in a plexiglas lined case that collects the heat and then blows it into your house using a 4 inch vent.  The vents can be shut down during the summer so that you don’t add heat to your home and the particular model I reviewed will heat up to 8,000 cubic feet.  That’s an 10 x 10 room.  If you have a larger room you can piggyback two systems together or put two on independently!

CanSolAir is a Canadian company that I’ve never heard of before but when I read about their product on their website it made perfect sense to me.  For those of us blessed with abundant sunshine we should really investigate this product.  Are there rebates available?  Well yeah there should be. In Canada they get 25%.  I’m sure the U.S.  Government and various state governments will also offer up some form of rebate on a product such as this.  Maybe Cansolair knows the answer.  You’ll have to check that out yourself!

Beer Cans Painted Black! How Simple is that!

Beer Cans Painted Black! How Simple is that!

If you live somewhere where this simple device could work, you might want to consider buying one.  At $2,795 (Canadian Dollars?) minus any rebate you might qualify for is a cheap way to get heat during the winter and its SOLAR powered!

Maybe it’s time for you to start saving up your Silver Bullets?

Use Your Cans For Heat!

Use Your Cans For Heat!

PS – I don’t work for these guys.  I just think it’s a great idea!


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1 Response to Adaptation -Volume 4 – Aluminum Cans for Heat?

  1. GeorgeS says:

    That’s a good idea. I use a similer way to do passive solar in my greenhouse. We save empty cat litter plastic containers. I paint them black and fill them with water and they sit in the sun all day then re radiate the heat at night.

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