AZ Gives – How can we help Habitat for Humanity?

There are lots of different ways…This one involves Donating money!

Habitat for Humanity in Payson Arizona is in the midst of a fundraising campaign.    One of  Habitat’s goals is to help build strong communities.  This goal is shared by TTP!

So how can you help?

Transition Town Payson is one of Payson
Habitat for Humanity’s Teams for “AZ-Gives-Day”!

AZ Gives Day

To donate, click here!

Arizona Gives Day is a chance for all people to be unified in giving much needed resources to the nonprofit community that serves everyone, everyday.
The official AZ Gives Day is March 20th with the goal of participating in a day of generosity, but you can begin to give now and past that day as well.

You don’t have to live in Arizona to donate on this site!
You can go online and make a tax-deductible donation, and your donation helps this nonprofit provide much needed services for the community.

Our goal is to raise $1000 for Payson Habitat for Humanity to provide much needed home repairs, weatherization, and “firewise” for families at risk.

Please consider participating in this wonderful day of giving!
Make a donation through the Transition Town Team page by CLICKING HERE!

Please send this to your friends and family whom you think may be interested in this event that is important to so many organizations across AZ!

For more information about Habitat for Humanity:

Thank you for any donation you can give!


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1 Response to AZ Gives – How can we help Habitat for Humanity?

  1. Vee says:

    Excellent! Let’s ALL donate — even a small amount helps. And you don’t need to live in AZ to make a donation for this cause.

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