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Native American Weather Proverbs

Native Americans have a innate bond with the land and the environment! Indigenous peoples of North American are said to have been in the southwest (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado) for at least 10,000 years. Historians, Archeologists and Anthropologists can argue … Continue reading

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Water, Water, Everywhere…But Here!

Certain parts of the United States have had an extremely wet winter and spring. The upper mid-west had snowstorm after snowstorm, Pensacola, Florida had 19 inches of rain in one day! But forget about rain in California and the Southwest. … Continue reading

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What it takes to get a 100 Year Water Supply (One Towns Journey)!

Payson, Arizona is a town of 15,000 people that is located in the middle of nowhere. Payson Arizona was settled in the late 1800’s by Ranchers and Miners.  These men and women recognized the wealth of natural resources located in … Continue reading

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Water and Waterfalls

 I am in awe of water and waterfalls! I live in Arizona. We are lucky if it rains one day a month. Yeah we have big storm events, but a lot of our soils are bare and there’s a lot … Continue reading

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The Worlds Most Sustainable Vineyard!

I need to plan a trip to New Zealand Recently we received an invitation to a friends wedding in New Zealand.  It was going to be held at a Winery in Tauranga, North Island New Zealand in the heart of … Continue reading

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The Colorado River, Tapped out!

The Colorado River drains the vast basin and range area of the United States.  Once this mighty river was free flowing into the Sea of Cortez.  Now it is dammed at the Glen Canyon Dam to create Lake Powell, and … Continue reading

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What is Australia doing to take care of their Environment?!

Australia is forecast to be severely impacted by Climate Change While it is difficult to accurately predict, It is estimated that Australia will face the following changes to their climate by 2030! a further 1 degree Celcius of warming in temperatures … Continue reading

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What Tucson does to promote Rainwater Harvesting in the Desert!

Tucson has understood their water issues for years Tucson relied on groundwater for decades while it grew from a small Mission Town to the second largest city in Arizona.  The groundwater table was so depleted they began having sinkholes open … Continue reading

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Capturing Water from your Roof for Gardening!

This is also not a new idea! In the arid Southwest its tough to get a garden to grow! Or we pay large amounts to the water company so that we can keep our gardens wet and growing.  Once it … Continue reading

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Clean Water is a Privliege!

Matt Damon besides being a great Actor is a Water Activist See his latest Utube effort to increase awareness to the plight of many in the world that do not have the privilege to flush a toilet. The next time … Continue reading

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