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The Oceans, The Fish, The Plastic

Trying to combine Oceans, Fish and Plastic will be hard to do. I do like to fish, and I do like to fish in the Ocean!  and I do use Plastic products! (It’s hard not to!) After a recent trip … Continue reading

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Adaptation – Volume 5 – Thrift Stores and Why Reuseables are better!

One of the great mysteries of life is…How many THINGS do we need? The act of buying new items to wear, to furnish your house, to buy toys or just to get something different,  has always been an interesting phenomena … Continue reading

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Needed – One Billionaire to Fund a Plastic Cleanup

Plastics are found everywhere! I know I’ve gone on about it in many past blogs.  Does that mean I don’t use plastic products? No… Does that mean we should change the way we use and dispose of plastics?  Yes… I … Continue reading

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Get Rid of the Plastic Bag!

It Has Always Been a Pet Peeve of Mine What do you usually see as you drive along our highways?  Plastic bags hanging from tree branches?  Plastic bags cluttering up the gutters?  Plastic bags swirling in the wind? or Plastic … Continue reading

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Check your Mileage!

California has a concern about a Hazardous Waste called Used Motor Oil! What’s the problem?  Too frequent oil changes are causing an issue with too much recycled oil in California.  It’s expensive to treat the used oil some 30% is … Continue reading

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What the heck is Upcycling

What is Upcycling and what does it have to do with the environment? I never gave much thought about taking waste materials and using them to make something useable.  I used to just think that was just recycling.  But noooo…I … Continue reading

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Our Plastic Planet

“One word Ben…Plastics” – From the movie The Graduate 1967 Remember when very few things were made of plastic?  Lincoln logs were made of wood.  Games were made of cardboard with metal men.  All groceries were put into brown paper … Continue reading

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My neighbor and cohort in TTP Dean Gooding has provided me with this excellent post on “Stuff”. Can’t we learn to get by with less and still enjoy life? Energy descent is a term that refers to scaling back our … Continue reading

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Zero Waste Ambassadors

Have you found that your Recycle Bin is fuller than your Trash Bin? Not that I have really been weighing or measuring my trash but it does seem like the recycle bin is fuller than the trash.  What if we … Continue reading

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