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The Arizona Monsoon-The Origin of the Term

After 100 days of dry, the phenomena known as “The Arizona Monsoon” has finally arrived with a vengence! In 1965 I moved to Phoenix, Arizona with my family.  My father took the job of Meteorologist in Charge for the National … Continue reading

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The Natural Beauty of the Reservation

The Rocks, the Animals, the Plants, the Culture are the mix of natural beauty found in and around the Navajo Nation Reservation of Northern Arizona

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Sand and Rock

For Millenia wind and water has carved the rocks! In Northern Arizona lies a land of Sand and Rock.  The wind and water over the ages have carved and weathered the sandstone rocks into sand dunes, rocky outcrops and life … Continue reading

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How Will Fish, Wildlife and Plants Adapt to Climate Change?

Our Government has developed a Multi-Agency Approach to studying effects of Climate Change on species! The question is and always has been what can they really do.  While it is excellent that they are looking at the impacts of climate … Continue reading

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Spring in the Neighborhood = Allergies and Flowers!

Anyone with Allergies out there? In our neighborhood, we have Alligator Juniper, One-Seed Juniper, Utah Juniper and Rocky Mountain Juniper.  They are all conspiring to make our lives miserable.   Juniper pollen count has been incredibly high so far this … Continue reading

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Arizona Winter Snowstorm!

The early March storms were wet and beautiful!

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The Year of the Comet?

First we had a Huge Comet destined to fly between Earth and the Moon And it did, on October 16th 2012, Elenin, once called the “Doomsday Comet” by those who believe in things like that.  After going through a solar … Continue reading

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Icehouse or Greenhouse?

I got this rather concise geological history of Ice Ages from Paul Handovers blog “Learning from Dogs” post called “Nature is in Charge!” The BBCs radio presentation of “In Our Time” with Melvyn Bragg is fascinating as he interviews Professors … Continue reading

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Chasing Ice – A Phenomenal Video!

Even though this is a video of a documentary Movie made over a year ago its still AWESOME! This has to be one of the most spectacular displays of nature ever recorded! It is also one of those phenomena that … Continue reading

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Happy New Year and Peace on Earth!

Enjoy some photos of the Great Planet on which we live! It may sound simple, but isn’t the glory of nature awe inspiring.  Isn’t it something that we should try to protect.

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