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Meatless Monday – Vegetarianism as a Climate Change Control Agent?

Meatless Monday could become an effective method to reduce Greenhouse Gases! A recent article in the Slate.com in their Health and Science page is about Vegetarianism and it’s potential impact on climate change.  We have known for years that it … Continue reading

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The Worlds Most Sustainable Vineyard!

I need to plan a trip to New Zealand Recently we received an invitation to a friends wedding in New Zealand.  It was going to be held at a Winery in Tauranga, North Island New Zealand in the heart of … Continue reading

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Who Coined the Term Global Warming Anyway?

It seems like it has been a part of our lexicon forever! Global warming whether you believe in it or not, is a term that has been around for a while.  It seems like people have argued both sides for … Continue reading

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To Frack or not to Frack…that is the Question!

We got a lot of figuring out to do! On the one hand its great to see major coal burning electrical plants converting to much cleaner burning”Natural Gas” it will certainly reduce CO2 emissions and particulate matter (black carbon).  On … Continue reading

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