Community Garden

Now’s the time to get your Community Garden Application in!

2014 Agreement


Orientation Meeting, Please attend at the Nazarene Church 9:00 am, Saturday, March 1.

 All gardeners (old and new) are encouraged to attend the orientation meeting.  Information plans for the new season will be provided and questions answered.  New people wanting a garden plot can sign up at the meeting.  We have about 30 left.

Garden Opening – The garden will be open on Saturday, March 1 after the orientation meeting till dark and each Saturday in March at the same times.  The purple water system that provides water to hand hoses will be pressurized during March if there is no freezing weather that would damage the pipe lines.

Garden Classes – Free garden classes will be open to the public and all gardeners are encouraged to attend.  The first class will be at 9:00 am, Saturday, March 8 at the Nazarene Church.  The classes will be each Saturday at 9:00 am thru March, April, May and June.  A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who attend all classes. 

Wait on Plot Water Systems -We encourage all gardeners to wait on their purchase and construction of their plot water drip system until after the class on March 8.  At that class you will be instructed on the systems that will work in the garden.  This is because we need uniform systems thru out the garden to provide even watering to the plots.  And, we need to be very efficient in our water usage.  No sprinklers, please.

NEW COMPOST PILES –We are developing a large compost pile of soil, manure and black compost.  Our goal is to add a bucket load to each garden on the west side.  If you have a west side garden and do not want this addition, add your name to the NO-ADDITION WEST SIDE LIST at the shed.  East side gardeners who want some of the new compost can indicate it on the ADDITION REQUESTED – EAST SIDE LIST at the shed.  Please understand the compost donation and Rota-tilling is by volunteers and is not part of your plot fees.  If you have a boxed garden, there will not be any tractor Rota-tilling and you will have to do it by hand.  We hope to have hand tillers available.

SUCCESSFUL WORK DAY – Last Saturday, Feb. 15, was a successful work day with over 20 people working for several hours.  Much was accomplished, including shed paint preparation, painting, weeding, wood chip distribution and general cleanup.  Thanks to all that participated.  There will be other garden work days where others can help.

DONATIONS – We are grateful to many people who have donated equipment and money.  This has helped us to have a collection of garden tools and wheel barrels.  With the more gardeners this year, we would appreciate additional donations of these items.  All tools and wheel barrels painted purple belong to the garden and are available to all gardeners on a first come first served basis.  They need to be returned when work is finished.

GARDENER’S HANDBOOKS – There will not be a published handbook this year.  Rather, we are developing a web site where you can get information and print as needed.  Information will also be posted at the garden.  We want to provide a small binder for the class handouts.

FREE CLASSES – Saturday 8 am (Pending 2014 Schedule)

NOVEMBERGarden Closes

November 2 – Closing Day for Garden – final cleanup and drip/soaker hose removal

 Winter Gardening

There are approximately 30 winter gardeners participating this year growing in small greenhouse or hydroponic areas.

Winter Schedule December through March 9-12 Saturdays


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