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How to become a Dark-Sky Community!

Wouldn’t it be nice to preserve the “Dark Sky” in your community? There is an international organization that supports a communities goal of preserving the night sky.  Too often both rural and urban communities allow big box stores, parking lots, … Continue reading

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Adaptation – Volume 5 – Thrift Stores and Why Reuseables are better!

One of the great mysteries of life is…How many THINGS do we need? The act of buying new items to wear, to furnish your house, to buy toys or just to get something different,  has always been an interesting phenomena … Continue reading

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What it takes to get a 100 Year Water Supply (One Towns Journey)!

Payson, Arizona is a town of 15,000 people that is located in the middle of nowhere. Payson Arizona was settled in the late 1800’s by Ranchers and Miners.  These men and women recognized the wealth of natural resources located in … Continue reading

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