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Who Knows Which Way the Wind May Blow?

“You don’t need a weather man To know which way the wind blows” With these words, in his 1965 song “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, Bob Dylan stated eloquently the need for the younger generation to, make their own decisions. Knowing which … Continue reading

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What are Carbon Taxes?

What are Carbon Taxes and how can they help our Environment? I was just reading the Sustainability Hub blog on a new proposal for Chinese Carbon Taxes called… No More Excuses America. China Has A Carbon Tax This really is big … Continue reading

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Clean Water is a Privliege!

Matt Damon besides being a great Actor is a Water Activist See his latest Utube effort to increase awareness to the plight of many in the world that do not have the privilege to flush a toilet. The next time … Continue reading

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What a fine Environmental Mess you got us into now Oilie!

Rule number One – Don’t Mess with Mother Nature Originally, the APW County Park was a natural wetland along the shores of Arthur Kill.  This wetlands shrubs and sea grasses naturally protected the shoreline from any tidal surges.  Its natures … Continue reading

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Our Plastic Planet

“One word Ben…Plastics” – From the movie The Graduate 1967 Remember when very few things were made of plastic?  Lincoln logs were made of wood.  Games were made of cardboard with metal men.  All groceries were put into brown paper … Continue reading

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