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Art for Arts Sake – Part II

What more can I say… My Favorite Photos of Masterpieces… I share with you!!! A Random Assortment of Greatness…

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Petrichor-The Monsoon is Here!

There is a Word Desert Denizens Need to Know…Petrichor. It’s been a long hot Spring! Now finally the Monsoon has arrived. With the clouds come lightning and thunder…and the oh so welcome RAIN. And RAIN And more RAIN! And then … Continue reading

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Art For Arts Sake – Photos of Some of the Best

Here are a few photos of various works of Art I have taken over the years! These enduring pieces have been carefully preserved and guarded over the years. They are amazing to see. In our throwaway world, art remains solid … Continue reading

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Water and Waterfalls

 I am in awe of water and waterfalls! I live in Arizona. We are lucky if it rains one day a month. Yeah we have big storm events, but a lot of our soils are bare and there’s a lot … Continue reading

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The Cats of Ephesus

In the Ruins of Ancient Ephesus live hundreds of cats. It’s a Mystery These seemingly unowned cats do not appear wild and yet there is no obvious sign of any homes nearby where they may live.  They appear well fed … Continue reading

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