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State of the Climate – AMS Update 2013

How many times can our Annual Climate report be the 6th warmest on record? I guess every time one record is surpassed it gives rise to the ability of another record to be broken as well.  I know it’s obtuse, … Continue reading

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Do our eating and drinking habits affect our Health?

Duh?…Of course they do! One of the most publicized political events concerning health and food is being played out in New York City. New York City Mayor Bloomberg recently spearheaded an effort to ban large soft drinks over 16 ounces … Continue reading

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Is it Greywater or is it Gray Water?

I Actually Found Three Different Spellings! In my research effort, I found Greywater, Grey Water, and Gray Water.  Anyway you look at it it’s still the same. The concept of using Greywater is disgusting to some, but its really OK! … Continue reading

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