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Troglodytes of the World Unite!

Whether you live in a Natural Cave or a Man Made Cave either way… Caves are the new Cool abodes! They are undoubtedly the most ecologically friendly homes and in light of increasing heat and unsettled weather may provide us … Continue reading

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Wupatki National Monument, a Window to the Future

Nine Hundred years ago Native Americans braved the elements and survived in Northern Arizona. The climate they thrived in was different than it is today.  They were able to plant and raise crops that along with native plants and hunting … Continue reading

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The Doomsday Clock and Climate Change!

The Doomsday clock has been being set since 1947 Many Young People today have never heard of the Doomsday Clock.  Well maybe they have because Smashing Pumpkins wrote and performed a song by that name!  But maybe they don’t know … Continue reading

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Earth Day Again – April 22nd – Has Anything Changed?

Where were you on the first Earth Day – April 22nd, 1970? Ok, maybe you were just a child, maybe you weren’t even born yet.  Maybe you are a baby boomer and kinda remember it!  There was a time when … Continue reading

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