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Adaptation – Volume 6 – Water Conservation and Harvesting

Is Peak Water going to be a Limiting Factor to growth and production? Peak Water is getting a lot of discussion lately.  In 2010, the New York Times used “Peak Water” as one of the Words of the Year!  Morgan … Continue reading

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How Many Different Ways Are There To Compost?

The local Payson Community Garden recently held a “How to” class for Composting! Glen McCombs from Plant Fair Nursery here in Payson provided the basic information for everyone to digest (pun intended!).  I am going to outline a few of … Continue reading

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Wupatki National Monument, a Window to the Future

Nine Hundred years ago Native Americans braved the elements and survived in Northern Arizona. The climate they thrived in was different than it is today.  They were able to plant and raise crops that along with native plants and hunting … Continue reading

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Is Roundup what you should use in your Garden?

Roundup is sold in so many stores I am really surprised I haven’t bought any yet! It’s near the check out at Home Depot and there’s a large display of it in the Garden Section of Walmart and other big … Continue reading

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What Tucson does to promote Rainwater Harvesting in the Desert!

Tucson has understood their water issues for years Tucson relied on groundwater for decades while it grew from a small Mission Town to the second largest city in Arizona.  The groundwater table was so depleted they began having sinkholes open … Continue reading

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Food Conservation and Wise Use!

Food Conservation is something that we deal with daily.  I know this is a cruel post to publish on Easter Day when families are gathering and feasts are going on.  It is also an appropriate day to reflect on what … Continue reading

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Spring in the Neighborhood = Allergies and Flowers!

Anyone with Allergies out there? In our neighborhood, we have Alligator Juniper, One-Seed Juniper, Utah Juniper and Rocky Mountain Juniper.  They are all conspiring to make our lives miserable.   Juniper pollen count has been incredibly high so far this … Continue reading

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Capturing Water from your Roof for Gardening!

This is also not a new idea! In the arid Southwest its tough to get a garden to grow! Or we pay large amounts to the water company so that we can keep our gardens wet and growing.  Once it … Continue reading

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Capturing Rainwater for Drinking!

Its Nothing New… In many  areas of the world people capture rainwater from their roofs to drink out of necessity. I just got back from a friends home in the US Virgin Islands.  On the island they lived on, the … Continue reading

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Is it Greywater or is it Gray Water?

I Actually Found Three Different Spellings! In my research effort, I found Greywater, Grey Water, and Gray Water.  Anyway you look at it it’s still the same. The concept of using Greywater is disgusting to some, but its really OK! … Continue reading

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