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Adaptation – Volume 1

Adaptation – What are we going to do when the climate changes? Climate Change is pretty much an accepted fact in the world of science and politics.  The worlds climate zones will undoubtedly change over time no matter what actions … Continue reading

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Does 95% Certain – Mean Climate Change is Caused by Man?

The Latest IPCC Climate Change Report is out! In late September, Climate Scientists came out with a report stating that they were 95% CERTAIN that Climate Change was occurring and mostly caused by man.  It doesn’t get much surer than … Continue reading

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Get Rid of the Plastic Bag!

It Has Always Been a Pet Peeve of Mine What do you usually see as you drive along our highways?  Plastic bags hanging from tree branches?  Plastic bags cluttering up the gutters?  Plastic bags swirling in the wind? or Plastic … Continue reading

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The Cost of Climate Change-Planning for the Future

After Katrina and after Sandy, climate watchers keep predicting more disasterous storms! The costs to the American taxpayers have been estimated to be 150 to 200 Billion dollars for these two storms alone.  What are the costs incurred by other … Continue reading

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Russia’s Environmental Policies

Russia is one of the largest Countries in the world.  What are they doing to reduce their Carbon footprint? Poor Wikipedia only had carbon emission records for the Soviet Union from 1990-91 and then it was 13.0 tons per capita! … Continue reading

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Australia Contemplates Removing Their Carbon Tax!

 A STEP BACKWARDS? OR POLITICAL NECESSITY! The Australian government under new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (He’s back for a second run!) has proposed removing carbon taxes from businesses in their country.  Plagued by rising power costs, the Australian public is … Continue reading

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The Presidents Climate Action Speech

On June 25th, President Obama outlined, in a speech at Georgetown University, his plan to combat  Climate Change! If you think about it, this is a historic moment in our history.  Never before has an American President acknowledged climate change … Continue reading

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What is China doing to take care of their Environment?

So far I have looked some of the Envonmental Policies of Australia and India, In this post, I will attempt to share some of what China is doing! Now as you can imagine, China is the power that we must … Continue reading

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