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Who Coined the Term Global Warming Anyway?

It seems like it has been a part of our lexicon forever! Global warming whether you believe in it or not, is a term that has been around for a while.  It seems like people have argued both sides for … Continue reading

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What Tucson does to promote Rainwater Harvesting in the Desert!

Tucson has understood their water issues for years Tucson relied on groundwater for decades while it grew from a small Mission Town to the second largest city in Arizona.  The groundwater table was so depleted they began having sinkholes open … Continue reading

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Do our eating and drinking habits affect our Health?

Duh?…Of course they do! One of the most publicized political events concerning health and food is being played out in New York City. New York City Mayor Bloomberg recently spearheaded an effort to ban large soft drinks over 16 ounces … Continue reading

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Warming in 13 Seconds?

I borrowed this Utube from the Sustainability Hub! What it shows is a speeded up vision of how quickly it has been warming over the past 62 years!  What I worry about is what will it do in the next … Continue reading

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Renewable Vs Non-Renewable Resources – Basic Science

Scientists and Economists talk about these two topics all the time! They are two basic terms that we learn in most science classes. We need to think about them a little harder. The great question in the world is do … Continue reading

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Why Not Super Insulated Housing?

You know it is going to get Hotter! There are so many articles out there about global climate change.  Along with climate change comes the inevitable.  Longer hotter summers!  One way that we might be able to adapt better in … Continue reading

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Earth Hour – It’s Time to Pay Attention!

Put March 23rd at 8:30 PM down on your Calendar OK I admit it.  I haven’t been participating But I might this year. The concept is good.  Turn out your lights for an hour and show your solidarity with others … Continue reading

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What are Carbon Taxes?

What are Carbon Taxes and how can they help our Environment? I was just reading the Sustainability Hub blog on a new proposal for Chinese Carbon Taxes called… No More Excuses America. China Has A Carbon Tax This really is big … Continue reading

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Icehouse or Greenhouse?

I got this rather concise geological history of Ice Ages from Paul Handovers blog “Learning from Dogs” post called “Nature is in Charge!” The BBCs radio presentation of “In Our Time” with Melvyn Bragg is fascinating as he interviews Professors … Continue reading

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What the heck is Upcycling

What is Upcycling and what does it have to do with the environment? I never gave much thought about taking waste materials and using them to make something useable.  I used to just think that was just recycling.  But noooo…I … Continue reading

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