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Adaptation Volume 2 – Floating Houses

A Floating House to rise with the Rising Seas? Seems Like a Simple idea! In the South Pacific and Malaysia areas many of the tribal people have learned that the ocean does impact their lives whenever a storm hits!  They … Continue reading

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Adaptation – Volume 1

Adaptation – What are we going to do when the climate changes? Climate Change is pretty much an accepted fact in the world of science and politics.  The worlds climate zones will undoubtedly change over time no matter what actions … Continue reading

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Needed – One Billionaire to Fund a Plastic Cleanup

Plastics are found everywhere! I know I’ve gone on about it in many past blogs.  Does that mean I don’t use plastic products? No… Does that mean we should change the way we use and dispose of plastics?  Yes… I … Continue reading

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What is the significance of Typhoon Haiyan?

It was only last week when Typhoon Haiyan (Locally called Yolanda) made landfall in the Philippines. This typhoon was bringing with it sustained winds of 195 mph with gusts to 235 mph.  Weather researchers and meteorologists around the world … Continue reading

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Bamboo – The Miracle Grass!

One of the largest members of the Grass Family – Bamboo (Bambuseae spps) grows like a weed and has many different uses! My neighbor Vee was in front of my house the other night when we came back from having … Continue reading

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Does Buy Local – Mean- Buy Made in the USA?

Of Course it Does! The problem is many of the products we purchase are no longer made in the US of A.  What products are made here and where can we find them is the big question.  So lets delve … Continue reading

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The Presidents Climate Action Speech

On June 25th, President Obama outlined, in a speech at Georgetown University, his plan to combat  Climate Change! If you think about it, this is a historic moment in our history.  Never before has an American President acknowledged climate change … Continue reading

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The Colorado River, Tapped out!

The Colorado River drains the vast basin and range area of the United States.  Once this mighty river was free flowing into the Sea of Cortez.  Now it is dammed at the Glen Canyon Dam to create Lake Powell, and … Continue reading

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Is Roundup what you should use in your Garden?

Roundup is sold in so many stores I am really surprised I haven’t bought any yet! It’s near the check out at Home Depot and there’s a large display of it in the Garden Section of Walmart and other big … Continue reading

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Geothermal Heat Pumps – Are they Better than Solar?

Sorry to say but Solar Rebates in Arizona have been reduced by the Arizona Public Service Company! APS in trying to meet their quota for the use of solar energy in the state at one time offered $1.00/watt.  While I … Continue reading

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