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Australia’s Environmental Update 2021

Back in 2013, I wrote a blog called “What’s Australia doing to protect their Environment “ It was a climate change what if! I have reread that post and it appeared to be written in a fairly positive tone. As … Continue reading

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Extreme temperatures in the Northwest! A Good Example of Climate Instability!

On June 29th, Portland Oregon recorded 116 degrees! On June 30th, it hit 121 degrees in British Columbia! At the same time Oregon and British Columbia were broiling under the sun, extremely high temperatures were also being recorded on the … Continue reading

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CityTrees a Creative New Idea for Cleaning the Air of your City!

With Climate Change and burgeoning populations our Urban Air Quality is suffering! Air pollution in the worlds largest cities contributes to 7 million premature deaths each year. It is estimated that by the year 2050 two-thirds of the worlds population … Continue reading

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The Climate Mobilization War

THIS IS NOT OUR FUTURE The Climate Mobilization Victory Plan: Foreword Paul Gilding September 16, 2016 Ed. note: The Climate Mobilization Victory Plan, written by Ezra Silk, is a policy document that tangibly demonstrates how the U.S. could … Continue reading

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Antarctica at Risk!

The 400 parts per million threshold has been reached at the South Pole! According to NOAA, the threshold of irreversible climate disruption has been reached at the South Pole.  This has not occurred in 4 million years and is an … Continue reading

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Are Electric Cars for you?

My first question to myself was…How Many different electric cars are there for sale? Ever since I put solar panels on my house and reduced my electric bill considerably, I have been thinking….Maybe I should get an electric car to … Continue reading

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Russia’s Environmental Policies

Russia is one of the largest Countries in the world.  What are they doing to reduce their Carbon footprint? Poor Wikipedia only had carbon emission records for the Soviet Union from 1990-91 and then it was 13.0 tons per capita! … Continue reading

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What is China doing to take care of their Environment?

So far I have looked some of the Envonmental Policies of Australia and India, In this post, I will attempt to share some of what China is doing! Now as you can imagine, China is the power that we must … Continue reading

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Play the VENTUS Game and help map CO2 Emissions!

Have you ever thought that if enough people said it enough times that something would be done about it? Well, that’s what it’s like with climate scientists around the world.  They keep saying it but nothing really gets done quickly … Continue reading

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What is Australia doing to take care of their Environment?!

Australia is forecast to be severely impacted by Climate Change While it is difficult to accurately predict, It is estimated that Australia will face the following changes to their climate by 2030! a further 1 degree Celcius of warming in temperatures … Continue reading

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