Before the Flood

Leo DiCaprio has put out a 100 minute video of the state of the climate. In cooperation with the National Geographic Society this video hits on many of the problems associated with Climate Change.  While many of us know that its happening, few realize how hard it will be to make changes to our lifestyle.  Many of us will deny it is even happening up until their last breath and refuse to make changes even if they could.  Unfortunately, it is inevitable that we must pass Climate Change off to the next generation(s) to adapt and change the things they can!



About rsingram

Environmental Specialist, Disaster Reservist, Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, Para-Archeologist
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2 Responses to Before the Flood

  1. Louise says:

    Just viewed Before The Flood on Fandango. It should be available in a local theater!

  2. hank667 says:

    Outstanding! Great film…




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