Balance – Unbalance 2015 (The Witness Tree comes to Payson)


The Balance – Unbalance 2015 Conference at the Arizona State University International School of Sustainability brought many scientists, environmentalists, earth lovers and artists together the last week of March in Tempe, Arizona to discuss the effects of climate change on our lives, and what the future may bring.

One visitor was a world traveling, photographer, author and climate change herald named Carolyn.

Carolyn Monastra would like to save the world (So she says and I wish her luck!). Her blog “The Witness Tree” documents her quest to identify areas around the world that are vulnerable and/or have been impacted by Climate Change. The photos eloquently show a world at risk.

Carolyn came to our town of Payson, Arizona to visit after the conference. Her energy and diplomacy with all those she talked to and befriended was a testament to her skill as a journalist. Her photos richly capture the people and places she has been and that will perhaps provide us with genesis concepts for the future.

See what stories she has to tell by visiting her blog.

Monterey 164


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