State of the Climate – AMS Update 2013

How many times can our Annual Climate report be the 6th warmest on record?

I guess every time one record is surpassed it gives rise to the ability of another record to be broken as well.  I know it’s obtuse, but according to NOAA 2013 was the 6th warmest year on record. What happens for example if 2013 gets beaten out next year, can it be the 6th warmest again?

Wallow FireWallow Fire – Fires are getting bigger!

I guess my point is, well it’s getting hotter far more times than it’s getting colder  I haven’t heard reports of it’s the 10th coldest year on record probably ever. Maybe I’m not old enough.

AfterCyclone Haiyan – Storms Are Getting Stronger

Nevertheless, the American Meteorological Society in conjunction with NOAA has issued their 19th Annual report with NOAA and it’s in a nut shell continuing to get hot.

It seems we don’t really feel, as a populace that is, that it’s quite hot enough to do anything politically.  The economy is a major issue, even though it’s getting better, Obamacare is a controversy (especially as the election nears) and  wars in the middle east, you bet that’s important too.

But what about the weather? Isn’t that important? Won’t the sea level rises and extreme fluctuations in weather events cause catastropic and economic chaos to our worlds infrastructure and well being?


The 2013 State of the Climate has been recently published by the American Meteorological Society. 

Here is an excerpt from this very detailed report…

“According to several independent analyses, 2013 was again among the 10 warmest years on record at the global scale, both at the Earth’s surface and through the troposphere. Some regions in the Southern Hemisphere had record or near-record high temperatures for the year. Australia observed its hottest year on record, while Argentina and New Zealand reported their second and third hottest years, respectively. In Antarctica, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station reported its highest annual temperature since records began in 1957. At the opposite pole, the Arctic observed its seventh warmest year since records began in the early 20th century..”

Here is the report in it’s  full 280 pages.

What are we doing about it politically? Or personally?  Not much probably! Perhaps you started recycling, maybe even bought a car that was a hybrid or diesel. Those are all good starts, but we still need a mind change in our country.

Have you found anyone in the State legislature that cares?  Have you written your Congressman lately and received a form letter back? Who can we talk to in our political world who really cares?  If we don’t make it an issue out of climate change no one will.

What can we do about it?  Get active, spread the word, talk to people, argue with people if you must.  But if you believe in the thousands of climate scientists who make up the American Meteorological Society, if you believe what data collected over generations is telling us. Make your politicians listen!

We need to change our policies, we need innovation, we need adaptation.  But most of all we need people to care.

The few people that make up the Great Climate Change March on Washington care and need your help.  Get involved, make a donation or join their march. If not you? Who?

Great March for climate action 013

Join the March, they are passing from Nebraska into Iowa this week!


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