Sunrise or Sunset?

Work gets in the way and sometimes photos are the best way to express yourself!


The only difference between sunrise and sunset is which way you’re looking.

At least until you wait 5 minutes or so and find its either day or night.

Not so deep, but if you just take that snapshot in time, you can’t tell the difference.


DEMA Blue Rv-Alpine 742

DEMA Blue Rv-Alpine 766

DEMA Blue Rv-Alpine 789

DEMA Blue Rv-Alpine 796

DEMA Blue Rv-Alpine 913

Indiana I-69 5-14 023

Virgin Islands 215


Of the nine photos, two of them are sunrises and yes one really is the moon!

Either way, it’s the best time of the day…

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Environmental Specialist, Disaster Reservist, Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, Para-Archeologist
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