Are Electric Cars for you?

My first question to myself was…How Many different electric cars are there for sale?

Ever since I put solar panels on my house and reduced my electric bill considerably, I have been thinking….Maybe I should get an electric car to follow up with!

It’s easier said than done, but it’s getting easier as more models come on the market!  Right now there are quite a few different types available at a full range of prices from the Mitsibushi i- MiEV at $15,495 to the Luxury TESLA at $62,000 for the Model S!

Here are a few Models to look at!

Starting with the Tesla.  This model has great lines.

The Tesla will impress!

The Tesla will impress!

The Nissan Leaf starts at $21,000

The Nissan Leaf is a Compact

The Nissan Leaf is a Compact

The Mitsibushi i-miEV is a subcompact with a price tag under $15,000!


Don’t Forget the Chevy Volt!  This American made electric car has good reviews!  This mid-size car offers two electric motors and a backup gasoline motor that can kick in and recharge the batteries when needed!

The Chevy Volt is a hybrid!

The Chevy Volt is a hybrid!

How Many other Brands of Electric Cars are there?

The answer to this question was answered by Wikpedia!  I was amazed at the different categories that they had…from full sized, to microcars, to low speed vehicles, and demonstration fleets as well as cars planned for production!  Read for yourself the various brands and categories that are available.  I imagine if you are in the U.S. many of the foreign manufactured cars are not available.

Not Only are Electric Cars Affordable…you can get Government Rebates for them!

When I was reading about the Nissan Leaf it became apparent that like many other green technologies, incentive rebates are available.  The Leaf has a government backed $7,500 tax rebate! This type of rebate can make the electric car more affordable to a lot of people.  Pay attention because many times rebates can go away!

What are the Environmental Downsides to Electric Cars?

My son is quick to point out that the natural resources needed to make the batteries, the battery life and the disposal of old batteries are some of the major environmental concerns.  Of course he drives a Diesel VW and is quite happy with his mileage.  However, while his gas mileage is good…he still contributes carbon dioxide and carbon particles to the atmosphere!

So what do you need to consider from an Environmental standpoint besides Carbon dioxide?

The Chicago Tribune last year published an article by Ozzie Sehner that stated… ““In a gut punch to electric-car advocates, it concluded that the vehicles’ lifetime health and environmental damages (excluding long-term climatic effects) are actually greater than those of gasoline-powered cars,” according to Ozzie, who referenced the National Academy of the Sciences, a 150-year-old nonprofit society of distinguished scholars, who reported in 2010 that the most environmentally friendly car—an oxymoron in Zehner’s world—is a small gas powered car with good gas mileage.

Ozzie Zehner has questioned all forms of alternative energies in his book “Green Illusions-The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism”.  His questioning is important to consider.

While we intuitively think, “Gee, if we all go electric and utilize solar, hybrids and large batteries all will be fine in the future!” It really might not be the case.  What are the costs of developing solar panels …What about the resource damages that occur when these rare earth minerals are extracted?…What are the costs to develop high powered rechargeable batteries and dispose of them safely?

What do we do with the old Batteries?

What do we do with the old Batteries?

But on the other hand…What if we don’t?

Carbon dioxide and other green house gases will probably continue to increase whether we go to electric cars and solar panels or push for gasoline efficient cars.  But, If we continue to experiment, to develop new technologies…perhaps we will discover the fuel of the future or the right types of batteries and solar cells that will reduce our overall emissions without compounding our environmental problems with destruction of third world resources and contamination of our air and water…and all will be well!

What About EV Self Driving Vehicles?.

The Huffington Post quotes Morgan Stanley a.s stating we will all be driving “Autonomous Cars” by 2026! Autonomous Cars will contribute a 5.6 trillion economic savings globally!  Read On…

An Autonomous Car for the Future!

An Autonomous Car for the Future!

What do you think?  Will small gas powered, fuel efficient cars be the best for us in the future? Or will there be something completely new?

We will be just like the Jetsons!

One day we’ll be like the Jetsons!


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Environmental Specialist, Disaster Reservist, Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, Para-Archeologist
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1 Response to Are Electric Cars for you?

  1. GeorgeS says:

    Even though the electrics cost a little more up front, they have a lower cost of ownership due to lower maintenance and fuel costs. I can go for 40 miles on ONE dollars worth of electricity in my Volt. Electric cars are also fun to drive because electric motors have lots of low end torque. An electric is perfect for your around town car in Payson.

    I have had my Volt for almost 2 years now and I love the car. The price has come down and you can now lease one for around 280$/month. I think you can lease a Leaf for around 190$/mo.

    If you want to talk emissions, you can’t beat an electric powered off solar panels on your roof. There is something very satisfying about powering your car off of sunshine. It is nice not having to go to the gas station.

    rsingram has my email. If he or anyone else in Payson would like to see and ride in my Volt and ask technical questions I would be pleased to do that.

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