Water and Waterfalls

 I am in awe of water and waterfalls!

I live in Arizona. We are lucky if it rains one day a month. Yeah we have big storm events, but a lot of our soils are bare and there’s a lot of caliche (hardpan) that doesn’t allow for much saturation.  So when we have a storm it all runs down the local drainages to a series of lakes that impound water for Phoenix and Tucson.  Roosevelt lake is the largest on the Tonto Creek and Salt River drainages.  Below Roosevelt are Apache and Saguaro Lakes.  On the Verde River drainage, Horseshoe Lake flows into Bartlett Lake and then is released into the Verde again where it runs into whats left of the Salt River.  Seasonal releases feed the agricultural lands between Phoenix and Tucson, where growing cotton and alfalfa (two of the highest water use crops!) are the main products.  Arizona has a few nice waterfalls but in unless you want to hike into Havasupai Canyon they’re pretty hard to find.

So why do I like waterfalls?  I don’t know, maybe it’s the sound.  The roar of water cascading and landing in a pool.  Or maybe it’s because each one is different and spectacular in it’s own right.

Some places in the world are blessed with the presence of good pure water. British Columbia is full of Waterfalls!

Wikipedia has a great list and photos of named waterfalls in Canada.  British Columbia has 68 named falls. Water doesn’t get much purer than that!

Check them out!


Here are a few pics of my favorite waters to enjoy!


Colorado-New Mexico 7-08 012Colorado-New Mexico 7-08 073Colorado-New Mexico 7-08 101

Pure Sweet Water

Use it Wisely!


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  1. GeorgeS says:

    Good article rs. I live near Roosevelt lake and in Pine in the summer. We have Workman”s Falls in the Sierra Anches and Fossil Creek also near Strawberry.

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