The Cost of Climate Change-Planning for the Future

After Katrina and after Sandy, climate watchers keep predicting more disasterous storms!

Superstorm Sandy opened lots of peoples eyes!

Superstorm Sandy opened lots of peoples eyes!

The costs to the American taxpayers have been estimated to be 150 to 200 Billion dollars for these two storms alone.  What are the costs incurred by other Nations in the world for weather related disasters?  What will be the annual cost of repairing the infrastructure in the major cities of the world by the year 2050 when carbon dioxide levels are estimated to be closer to 500 – 600 parts per million?

The Journal Nature has recently published an article titled “Future flood losses in major coastal cities”.  In this article they forecast the potential losses from flooding in 136 major coastal cities in the world.  The projection is that 1 Trillion Dollars will be needed per year to repair damages to these cities by the year 2050.  The amount of taxes needed by governments to protect and repair their cities will make up a considerable amount of a taxpayers pay check!

To read the whole article you will either need to have a subscription to Nature or purchase the article on line.

Mother Jones gives you a little more information without the cost of signing up for a subscription to Nature.  Mother Jones shows a map of the 10 highest estimated repair cost coastal cities.  From New York City at 2 Billion Dollars per year to Mumbai, India at 6.4 Billion, with the highest costs going to Guangzhou, China at 13.2 Billion.  How will this affect the economic stability of the world? I guess that question has yet to be answered!

Mumbai is a large city built at sea level!

Mumbai is built at sea level!

NASA has recently come out with a “SEA LEVEL RISE TOOL” to help Communities Plan for the future!

Urban planners take note. Based on Superstorm Sandys devastation, NASA has devised a mapping system that will allow communities along coastal areas prepare for the new 100 year storm surge levels.  This tool can identify vulnerable areas based on elevations and predicted surge levels based on Climate Change, Arctic Ice Cap Melting and Ocean Warming.  It is resource tool that can identify where it is reasonable to rebuild and where it is not.  It is not a predictor of floods nor a tool used for flood insurance.  It is a tool that a community can use to make smart decisions on whether or not to rebuild or how to strengthen building codes to mitigate future flooding.

The Seattle Times quotes the latest UN Climate Panel Report that states there could be as much as a 3 ft. rise in sea levels by the year 2100!

“A 3-foot rise would endanger many of the world’s great cities — among them London; Shanghai; Venice; Sydney; Miami; New Orleans; and New York.”

Maybe NASA should send them their Sea Level Rise Tool to use!

Florida if West Antarctic Ice Shelf Melted and a 7 ft. Rise in Sea Level Occurred.

Florida if West Antarctic Ice Shelf Melted and a 7 ft. Rise in Sea Level Occurred.

How much are you willing to pay to offset the effects of Climate Change?

Want to help donate?

Want to donate?


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