Play the VENTUS Game and help map CO2 Emissions!

Have you ever thought that if enough people said it enough times that something would be done about it?

Well, that’s what it’s like with climate scientists around the world.  They keep saying it but nothing really gets done quickly enough.  Baby steps are good, but as in the Article from the Arizona State University newsletter says…WE ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH!

Mauna Loa Observatory Measures CO2

Mauna Loa Observatory Measures CO2

ASU Climate Scientists are starting a new game called Ventus.  Ventus being the latin word for wind is a game that plans to use citizen scientists around the world to get a handle on a true mapping of carbon dioxide emissions from coal burning power plants.  They need your help.

Now this is important.  Listen to what Kevin Gurney from the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability has to say…

While you might imagine that we would know where all the power plants are in the world and how much CO2 they are emitting, it turns out we don’t,” said Kevin Gurney, associate professor with ASU’s School of Life Sciences and senior sustainability scientist with the Global Institute of Sustainability.


Northwest Wind at the Navajo Generating Plan

Northwest Wind at the Navajo Generating Plan

Carbon Emissions are not a game. 


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