Warming in 13 Seconds?

I borrowed this Utube from the Sustainability Hub!

What it shows is a speeded up vision of how quickly it has been warming over the past 62 years!  What I worry about is what will it do in the next 62 years…

Were the Climate models correct?

The skeptics will argue that the feedback (other functions that affect the models) is incorrect.  They go on to say that the politicians and mainstream media are not reporting this event at all.  Is there a conspiracy?  Or is it the fact that the majority of people and climate scientists realize that warming is a reality (based on scientific fact) and those who think it is merely a natural fluctuation still are harboring views that are not correct.   I went ahead and looked at various websites that shows the models from 30 years ago were pretty accurate.  See what NPR has to say about them…


Skeptical Science says this about climate modeling


Here’s the bottom line

Even skeptics admit that warming is happening (they can no longer deny this fact!).  So the logical thing to do is to act on what we can act on in order to minimize the future effects that climate change will have on our lives.  Now one thing we can do is change our behavior and minimize the CO2 emissions that we as an individual or as a community or as a nation put out.  Is it going to be pleasant?  Probably not.  The reason…because change is scary to a lot of people, because change means doing things differently, because change means we have to deal with the unknown.

Remember…The unknown we plan for is better than the unknown we don’t.

The Midwest Drought Continues into 2013

The Midwest Drought Continues into 2013


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