Grow Food in All Open Spaces!

There is a movement that we must be aware of…

In the light of foods being mass produced, dependent upon fossil fuel based fertilizers, pesticides that keep the bugs away and plastic residues that are infused in all that we eat and drink…this group in England is starting a revolution.

As Pam Warhurst, founder of Incredible Edible in Todmorden England states, “There’s so many people that don’t really recognize a vegetable unless it’s in a bit of plastic with an instruction packet on the top.”

Pam wants us all to take personal responsibility for the food we eat and the environment that grows it.  The message to the people is “help yourself, we are all part of the solution!”

This group is organized to plant vegetable wherever they can.  To stimulate a revolution of the people to plant their own food.  To eat healthy and understand what it is to grow food!

Need I say it again “We are what we eat!”

Try planting some tomatoes in your businesses front planter.  Sneak some seeds into open ground in front of your favorite government offices.  Have some fun with growing food!

See Pam Warhurst full talk on the following link;

Please Grow Your Own!

Please Grow Your Own!


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